Recipe for Rotten Fruit Salad


  • One part of a wild life and free sex
  • Touch of impurity
  • Equal parts witchcraft and manipulation of others’ feelings and decisions
  • Slice of idolatry
  • Three parts hatred and trouble-making
  • Seed of anger
  • Sprinkle of selfishness
  • Hint of division and giving and taking offense
  • Another part drunkeness and wild parties
  • A wallop of waste
  • Two parts envy


  1. Take a heart not filled with God’s Spirit
  2. Place human outside of sound teaching that won’t tickle the ears
  3. Fill with all ingredients above
  4. Allow to ferment for a season in the absence of true surrender


One tutti-frutti lukewarm life outside God’s faithful flock with a soul in danger of losing eternity


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