Vitamins and Sunny Sonshine

I’ve been tired, cold, achy, and generally miserable off and on throughout my entire life. I go to the doctor’s office, they run the tests, and nothing shows up. With this last spell, though, after years of “perfect” blood work, my provider decided to look at vitamin levels in my blood. Turns out, my Vitamin D was too low.

This makes sense. I don’t tolerate much that isn’t natural, so sunshine is my only option. The more sun I get, the happier and healthier I feel.

These last few weeks have been horrific. It might be my perception, but with the exception of a day or two, it’s been dreadfully cold for my tastes. It’s also been hazy, dreary, damp, dank, and dark.

So my body crashes while we see what other vital minerals I can’t use because D is too low. And we wait for a supplement to come in for me to try.

This situation set my mind reeling on another level. I wonder how many of us are missing the Vitamin Love produced by standing in the Sonshine?

*Yes, I can see your confused look*

Are you feeling bored? Struggling to fight sin? Wrestling with gossip, slander, and malice? Is worship, prayer, and Bible study dry and difficult?

Maybe you need a little Sonshine. Pray with other believers. Listen to the Word as it’s preached. Use worship tunes as the soundtrack for your life.

Over time, this will produce the Vitamin Love in your life, resulting in other vital spiritual minerals like charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. All these are heartily recommended by the Great Physician.

These vital spiritual minerals can then result in fruitful evangelism, prophecy, words of wisdom and knowledge, teaching, miracles, discerning of spirits, and messages from Lord via tongues and tongues interpretation. It can also result in effective ministry, service, counsel, generosity, mercy and leadership and administration.


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