An Authentic Love Story

Author’s Note: I’m not sure I like the rhyming because it sounds a bit sing-songy to me. However, it was six years ago this week that we decided he should meet my kids before we decided whether we should marry. So I have to celebrate my hubby and his wit, wisdom, and charm. And he’s no vampire (see last lines)!

It’s an old, old story
Yet so new in its latest display.
Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl,
Girl responds in kind.
Late in life he found love;
Buried in life she got a second chance.
They cuddled and danced and rocked the night away
Until at an altar together they said they’d stay.
It’s not been easy–
Sharing cars, sharing bills,
Sharing a bed, sharing life.
Yet the fires of adversity
Forged a steely love
That rises and falls and rises again
To chase away the scars.
Burdens shared as laughter multiplies,
And arms and legs knot together at play.
He breathes his life into her neck,
And she melts into his arms to stay.


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