The Invitation

I hear Him.
In the garden of my heart
He calls.
He’s begging, pleading
For me to join Him in our hidden room.

“Please stop. Rest for Me.
My Way is lighter and easier
Than all the world has asked of you.”

It’s too busy.
The pots in the kitchen bubble
While the cake burns
And the blender explodes.

He sighs with a shake of His Head.
He waits.

It’s too noisy
The laptop falls.
The co-worker spills her coffee,
And the boss decries another deadly spinning project.

“Just stop. Breathe in My Spirit.
Let Him comfort and console you.
Let Him counsel you.”

It’s too active.
The chorus is out on a trip,
The band is having a car wash,
And the youth group has just added a concert.

“Let Me lead you.
Let Me give you still water in your soul
And green pastures in your mind.”

I collapse into bed.
While I flip through the channels,
Kicking off my shoes
And numbing the heart tug.

“Oh, my precious little one!
You reject My advances and spurn My call.
How I long to shield your soul from the enemy
And shelter you from the world’s storms!
How I long to hold you in the Hollow
Of My Nail-Scarred Hand
And keep you as the apple of My Eyes!
But you refuse.”

Silent sorrow grows.


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