Behind the Ice/Stop! Truth Time

Author’s Note: This is one of those point/counterpoint scenarios. I wrote “Behind the Ice” to express how I was feeling about several situations that came to a head recently. However, as a Christian, I can’t stop at feelings; I have to choose truth. (Yes, those are sighs of frustration you hear.) “Stop! Truth Time” was my reminder that I can choose to stay in “Ice,” or I can move into a place that is more spiritually and emotionally healthy.


Behind the Ice

Rocks of ice
Pitted deep inside
Staring out from eyes
No longer mine.
The green-eyed monster
Swiped with poison claws
And fiery breath.
The ice sword melted
As the ice heart froze.

Careening face flat on frozen puddles
All life lost its meaning.
Freedom isn’t free
For insecure unity is a faux better goal.

Rolling, roiling, wrestling
Greased lightening slips away.
Careening face flat in the mud
Feeling fades to black.

The ice maiden returns.


Stop! Truth Time

You know the truth.
The Father’s love burns in your heart.
Do the truth.
His love will warm you once more.
The truly strong bend
Even if no wrong is committed
But the soft take offense.
Stand on your knees.


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