Life Lessons from the Smithie’s Shoppe

Author’s Note: Sometimes life offers great writing fodder in unusual places. I want to thank the blacksmiths at Fort Klock for their time in demonstrations that generated this piece. Hope you all can appreciate my quirky creativity!

  1. Any tool but the right tool does too much damage.
    — If you put the wrong person in a bad situation, things will not improve. 
  2. A big hammer splatters everything.
    — If you send a person with a large personality into a situation, it might get worse. 
  3. Thirsty metal bends too much.
    — People who have unmet needs might give away too much of themselves. 
  4. Having a hot chimney channel makes breathing easier.
    — A person with the right temperament can manage a critical situation to eliminate some of the negative consequences. 
  5. Metal being bent at the wrong temperature breaks.
    — If you try to change a person before they’re ready, you might make the situation worse. 
  6. Too much bellows air blows high heat too far.
    — Talk might make tempers flare. 
  7. The more complex the bend, the more difficult it can be for ends to meet in the middle.
    — In a difficult situation with no clear winners, compromise will be a greater challenge. 
  8. Beautiful, strong pieces require time for creation and completion.
    — Sometimes, people with the most potential seem to have the greatest struggles and deepest setbacks; that doesn’t mean they’re lost or hopeless.

  9. A four-footed, faithful friend is sometimes better than a cold metal tool for releasing stress.
    — As helpful as hobbies are, sometimes dogs are still the best friends around.

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