Into the Su(o)n

I was driving home recently. I turned a bend and started up a hill… and stopped. I’d done this so often before that you’d think I’d remember about the time of day and facing west.

It was early evening. Me, my car, my CDs… everything was bathed in golden, brilliant light. I had to stop long enough to readjust my eyes and ensure no living creatures especially humans were in front of me before continuing to drive.

I wonder how many Christians do this. We’re fighting some sin or attitude that goes against God’s Word. We turn a corner with victory and fight a little higher. All of sudden, we have one of those moments–a moment in time where Jesus is so close you can almost feel His glory. And we stop.

We want to stay in that one moment in time feeling the Risen Lord, but we cannot do that until eternity. We have to keep moving.

We just have to remember to not run over our brothers and sisters who aren’t where we are.


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