Forsaking It All

Author’s Note: I’ve seen a few too many historical dramas lately, in addition to living the drama of a blended family. Chalk this one up to too many romanticized notions to live with. 🙂

A leader tried and true
Sets out to a distant land
To find a bride and settle down
And make his fortune there.

The bride price paid, the journey made,
The celebration unfolds.
A kiss and a seal complete the deal,
And his new life begins there.

She’s exotic and she’s wild.
Though to the land she’s hard and cold,
To him she’s warm and she’s real,
And his young wife grows beautiful there.

They go to the tavern, they go to the kirk,
But there’s no common ground on which to stand.
With only back sides and shoulders in sight they cannot kneel,
And they find no shared peace there.

He gave it all, and she loves him well,
So a journey they will take,
Back to back in the cold, hazy dawn
To find their place somewhere.



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