The Unseen Words

The enemy is at the door,
And we’ve invited him to tea.
The 666 tea leaves make
For a strange, aromatic brew indeed.
He sits just like a friend
And talks about so much more–
A missed opportunity here,
A broken rule there,
And misapplied checklists galore.
Crying angels hang their heads,
Their wings droop and swords clatter to the floor.
An unseen hand begins to write
As the enemy chortles at what lies invisible at the door.
The presence of the enemy makes life’s colors seem so bright.
Vivid hues intoxicate and suffocate
And blind us with false light.
The unseen writing talks of sins we cannot admit
And tells us that the time is short.
But we just keep sipping a pagan potion
As freedom falls unfit.
We cannot read the writing on the wall;
We cannot even see its script;
And Daniel lies sleeping with his fathers.
Thus the mystery bedazzles us,
With no warning of life’s crypts.


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