Emotional Exodus

Author’s Note: This poem is loosely based on the Red Sea portion of the Exodus story.

Exiting the life they knew,
They ran hard, they ran far
‘Til on the shore they stood.
The future–dark, murky, deep–
Pounded the shores of their hearts.
The life they knew was gone.

The gods of sins forsaken
Though at their backs
Could not excuse holding back.
Waiting through the soul’s dark night,
Fear and doubt crept through like a cloud,
Hiding them from the future
And shielding their sight from gazing on God Most High.

No way out
No way back
No way through

A season of discontent was due.
Together they raised their hands in worship,
Turning over the future, their past lives, their sins current and forgiven,
And prayed through the dark, discontented night.

The Breath of God began to rise,
Growing stronger in the night.
The flames of ardent fervor
Burned away all doubt and fear.

The deep, murky future
Began to roll away.
A path forward through confusion
Revealed in Light and Love and Light.
Hands still raised in worship,
They pushed on despite their flaws.

As they stood on the opposite shore,
The Breath of God continued blowing,
Now a soft, gentle breeze
As the enemy and his works
The Spirit washed away with ease.

Show us Your might again, oh Lord!
Fill us with awe before You.
We put our faith in Jesus.
His sure deliverance is ours!


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