Shifting Battles, Shifting Sands

The steel frames of life disintegrate into shifting sand.
All I knew is dust and ashes.
I open my fist and nothing’s there;
Dirt and moths fly out.

All my meaning is confusion;
My firm foundation careens into no-man’s-land.
His grace, my faith in His Word, and Jesus–
All are hidden in a pile of questions with no clear answers.
My world is nothing, nothing like Christ’s Holy Land.

The battle rages on–clattering, crashing, clamoring.
I need silence for direction,
But surrender is the only path to silence,
And I cannot surrender.

Love and compromise are very different things.
The Truth is hidden among all the paths to truth
And eclipsed by the many false truths.

I hunger.
I thirst.
I need Truth.
I need Light.

And I wait…


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