Zippy Takeover, #12

Bone from ‘Zee

I’m so excited. My friend ‘Zee, she’s been home a lot. I get to visit her more since the sun shines more; I only wish it wouldn’t be so warm.

She had this nice, long bone. It was so nice. I got so caught up in chewing it that I took it with me when it was time to leave. My humans tried to take it, and I growled at them, so ‘Zee’s Dad let me keep it. Zee didn’t even growl or whimper!

‘Zee is so nice. But the bone is nicer.


I am starting to really enjoy having a human family. I miss them when they’re not here, and I really wish they’d be here more. But when the house is empty because they’re all gone, it makes it nice to sleep. I don’t feel like I have to stay awake just because they’re here.

The two look-alike whelps of Mom’s have been gone, so I’ve been stuck with ‘Tee’na. She’s not as good with me as either of the look-alikes. But she remembers to feed and walk me better than anyone, even Mom. And she does let me sleep and not wake me up. I just wish I could tell her the growling is a game; she doesn’t smell so good when I do it, and her energy doesn’t feel good either. Maybe I should think about not playing that game with her?

Mom and ‘On worried me for a bit. They didn’t seem to ever be together, and they never seemed to do that play wrestling humans do, and they always smelled like they weren’t happy about each other. But the last few weeks, it’s been like they’re happy puppies again. Maybe that ‘Eezus of theirs did something–I still don’t believe he exists but they smell like they did some of that stuff about him they do when they’re gone that makes them smell good. I can’t taste him, smell him, lick him, paw him — he can’t be real.



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