Psalm 1xx: Praise of Creation

Author’s Note: Every once in a while, my hubby loves me (and hates his own life) enough to force me to get away from personal electronics at a farm in the middle of nowhere where Christian artists come to play lots of different music, even Alicia Keys. (See Creation Festival’s web site.) This piece was written at one such gathering.

The music rings out,
And I’m overwhelmed.
His Presence floods the hillside,
And I’m struck
By this foretaste of Heaven.
Worship rises from every heart–
Some clap, some dance,
Some sing, some weep.
Praise thunders louder and louder.
I’m not a citizen here;
I’m a citizen of that place.
I’m homesick,
But there’s still work to do.
So with love I stand.
Jesus lives and reigns.


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