We Are…

Author’s Note: This poem, although no crude language is used, should be considered Ma for mature audiences. It’s going to be a laundry list review of injustice throughout history.

We are…

Descendants of homosexuals your sultans didn’t stone
Granddaughters of witches escaping your inquisitors’ pyres and Puritan ponds
Generations of indigenous surviving your diseases and addictions
Children of matriarchs you raped as spoils of war
Orphans of women dying in labor after years of annual pregnancy
Daughters of women your parents warned you not to become

We have come from those…

Who were different from your people
Who didn’t meet your standards
Who had no voice in your affairs
Who had no value in your eyes

We are human.
We are male and female.
We have value and a voice.
We matter as God’s children.


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