A Wilderness Moment

The jungle looms over me–
Dark, foreboding.
Tangled vines and thick brush forbid passage.

The river flows behind me–
Clear, pacific.
Easy flow at a comfortable rate invites continuity.

Angry predators shriek satiating victory
As prey keens a mortal wail.

The gentle waves lap the shore
As breezes playfully stroke the surface.

I look before me:
I see the singe of those who blazed and failed;
The burn of shame and humiliation roars.

I look behind me:
The camp sits on the shore;
Comfort, safety, and complacency whisper.

Fear snivels:

You can’t. You’re not good enough.
You’re not smart enough.
You’re not healthy enough.
Everyone hates you.

Debt snickers:

I have you.
You’re where I want you.
You can’t leave.
I will bury you a mile deep.

Failure snorts:

You quit your first love.
You’re not a real writer.
You can’t get the chores done.
Your unwise decisions will set our table again.

My heart gives way.
My eyes fill with tears.
My spindly legs knock knees clumsily.
My machete and flame thrower clatter to the ground.

Faith soothes:

You are His child.
He will make your path straight.
He will prosper your body and soul.
He will lead you to serve.

Providence succors:

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
He sets your table and fills your cup to overflowing.
He forgives every debt, including sin.
He will supply your needs according to His glorious riches!

Victory shouts:

He leads you beside cool waters in green pastures.
He is more than enough.
He will help you do all things in His will.
His mercy and grace are eternally new, and He gives wisdom to the seeker.

Peace covers my heart.
My eyes dry and brighten.
My drooping hands lift, and my legs stand firm.

I pick up my machete,
And I lift my eyes to heaven.
The work must go on.
Weary travelers need a path.


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