A Letter, Post Mass Disappearance…

Author’s Note: It’s a little disconcerting lately to see what’s coming out in the theaters. I’ve only recently begun to understand the evangelical Rapture concept (although I did try to explore an analogy in my piece on counterfeit money), and there’s a flood of movies about post-Rapture events. Meanwhile, while my super-spiritual older church members get lost in a pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib argument, I’m wondering about practicalities. What happens to my house if my family and I all go? What happens to my dog if Jesus only takes people? What if I go and some are left behind–how will they keep things going for up to seven years? After I wade through all those, I am left with the idea of a different kind of piece. Enjoy–or not, depending on your beliefs.

Imagine it is nearly a week following an unexplained mass disappearance. You’ve watched my home for days, and seen no one enter or leave. The cars haven’t moved. The government has sent the military out to control the paranoia and hysteria of the masses, and local citizen militia groups are gunning the government teams and running raids for supplies. Finally, hunger and fear overtake you, and you move closer to the house. Tucked under a light, you see an envelope in a plastic sleeve, with the words “Open this if people have magically disappeared.”

Shaking from hunger and fear and thirst, you pull the letter out and feel it to be heavier than you would expect. You tear open the entire narrow end, and a house key tumbles to your feet as you pull out a letter.

Darting your head to ensure no one sees you, you snatch the key, open the door, and sit down on the computer chair. The computer is still on, and the television is loudly blaring the news. You open the letter, and this is what you read.


Dear friend,

I’d imagine if you’re reading this, things outside are pretty scary. As much as I care enough about you to want to personally help you through this, I suspect I and my family are someplace far more pleasant.

First, I want you to freely use any food or supplies in my home. I won’t need them where I am, but you will probably need some help to get through the next three to seven years. Also, you may use our vehicles if they still function. Any cash if it has any value in wallets, purses, or mugs is yours as well. I wouldn’t suggest our credit cards or bank accounts–as you can see, things have been a little lean.

An explanation for what you’re going through… this disappearance is what used to be called the Rapture. The idea was that Jesus was going to love His people enough to snatch away all who truly loved and served Him so they would not have to completely endure what’s coming. If you can find a Bible (check the bedrooms or desks), this is described in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

I hope you’re not a person who thought himself a Christian. It must be so hard and surprising if you were to not have left with us. I wish I could say the rest of your time would be rosy.

There is a leader coming. He will look all fun and games and good times and good deeds, but he’s not. He is Satan in the flesh. He will give a special sign that you must have to use the Internet, buy food, get medical care. Please be careful. If you take whatever it is, you won’t get another chance at eternity (Revelation 13:11-17).

I’m not sure I buy the 666 part in verse 18. Somehow, I think it’s a really old code that we no longer understand. While I never played games with it, I think too many overly feared it.

Anyway, depending on how the Father did plan getting us out and sending all His anger at once in the Tribulation, you have three to seven years you’ll need to survive. I don’t know how you’ll do it; at most, you’ll have a month of supplies here. Because we’re a family, you might be able to stretch it to six months depending on where we were in our monthly budget.

Whether you ever knew Jesus or thought you did, I would suggest you read the Gospel of John and make Him your Friend now before you go any further. I know you’re probably angry and confused and blaming Him would be easy (and He’s got good shoulders for it). However, you’ve only got one more chance at eternity. Although the entire book of Revelation says it’s going to be really hard, and you may even die if you get to know Jesus, it’s going to be better than you will ever know. Because the times are so turbulent, I would do it sooner rather than later.

Agape and phileo.

PS–If my little dog is there and alive, be sure to love him and care for him. He’s even more confused than you.


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