Thoughts on Brokenness

Broken people break others;
I know this to be true.
Some brokenness is more socially acceptable,
Yet it is brokenness just the same.

How broken is too broken
Before I walk away?
Where do all the broken people go?
Can they find a safe place to stay?

Some brokenness is challenged;
Some brokenness is ignored.
Where is the pattern of challenging true ignorance?

What happens to the broken
In a broken chain of authority?
What happens when authority itself is broken?

We live in a broken world
Full of broken people
Who turn and break others.

I was broken.
I broke others.

Brokenness is,
But it is not valid.
How can we defend against it?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Brokenness

    1. kittiephoenixromans08 Post author

      Yeah, living on the receiving end of brokenness tends (at least for the more sensitive) to make us more cognizant of the times when we may have broken others. And it is indeed a very harsh, sobering thought…


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