Cold Resonation

Author’s Note: There are hard places I’ve been that I never speak of, and yet something in them pushes through my waking moments at certain times of the year. I was blessed to get out; this is in memory of those who didn’t and don’t.

Fractured mosaic shards
Swirl in a kaleidoscope–
Year after year,
Fuzzy then clear,
Far and then near.
A flash of light around their heads,
The sound of a hammer cock from his hand–
No bang…
Yet year after year
The boom resonates.
A weary soul
Fell wilted and lifeless
Waiting for the right kiss.
The body presented
Week upon week
Spent and used,
Finally blowing away on a summer breeze.
The ghosts in the eyes
Of old acquaintances
Haunt my dreams
And stalk my waking memory.
Forgiven by His Grace,
But still a dead woman wandering
In my heart,
Yet I still live and move and breathe.
May the shards never become knives.
May I never again cause kith and kin fear of my death
And pain of my separation.


4 thoughts on “Cold Resonation

  1. Matthew Tonks

    To be able to reflect upon a harrowed journey using words that are not just full of emotions, but words that show someone who is past what was, and has allowed themselves to grow within instead of allowing the journey to destroy them, is what we, as human beings, strive to do. Then to turn it into a piece that connects with others, is not only cleansing for ourselves, but it bonds us with our readers, and shows them hope for a new day. Great job.


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