A Weird Turn of Thought

Again, it’s one of those days where two seemingly disparate thoughts become intertwined in my mind. They give rise to a third idea for exploration.

Thought 1

Hospice is a powerful tool. It helps the terminal die with dignity, not by suicide or assisted suicide or homicide, but by letting the diseased body shut down naturally with some palliative support for pain. It helps those who love the terminal come to peace with the impending separation and move through the stages of grief in a healthy way.

Thought 2

Some Christians are at times unkind to those they perceive as sinners, even to those they perceive as completely spiritually dead. While rightfully so they want to guard their hearts and minds, they forget that absenting from the spiritually terminal truly ends all hope.


What if Christians, even only a handful, started to look at those who were really deep in sin as not yet dead, but in need of spiritual hospice? In this case, to preserve the will to live  and keep a connection with believers until it truly is too late. Is that sacrilegious?

If some Christians would commit to simply loving the sinner or those that are perceived as spiritually dead, would it make a difference?

By love, I don’t meaning telling the person that sin isn’t sin or that wrong is right. What I mean is to hang out with them and do something they enjoy that doesn’t violate the conscience of the Christian. Keep in touch, even when other Christians disappear.

Temporarily, stop measuring their worth by the actions that look Christian-like, and begin to see them as the unique creatures they really are. Find that one attribute that is radical and wild and different and praise God for the uniqueness in creation of that individual.

No, in my past I haven’t live up to this. And yes, periodically, the enemy does a most excellent job of rubbing my face in my failures.

But what if just a handful of us committed to loving just one person that was considered unworthy of love by everyone else, selected by God’s decision not the will of other frustrated Christians?

If there is hope as long as there is life and breath, could we live the kind of life that reflected Jesus so another would choose Jesus?

Our God is the God of the miraculous and the impossible. With Him all things are possible.

So, just for tonight, I will hope that the answer is, “Yes.”


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