Standing like a Rock

Author’s Note: I interrupt my regular posting schedule in honor of the needs of others. 😉 This has been written after days of seeing Standing Rock and the native (or maybe it’s indigenous now) peoples in my Facebook feed. I’ve seen a lot of stances for and against the pipeline. I’ve wrestled with where I should stand–as a professional, as an American, as a Christian, and as a human. I think the piece adequately shows what I do and don’t know. And yes, I did let several Scriptures influence my stands, but I did not do the thorough-cross reference of a Bible study.

In all four corners, the natives are restless.
Every tribe in our nation is on the move.
They’re coming to the edge of civilization
At a place on the prairie.

I don’t understand what it’s all about.
It’s about property and money and land and energy.
It’s about the needs of the many
In conflict with the needs of the many more.
It’s the pain and agony of broken promises and failed treaties.
It’s about the pinch of inflation and rising costs and falling opportunities.

There they stand,
Survivors of nearly the worst–
Smallpox blankets,
Forced marches,
Ghost dancers dancing into eternity,
A Wounded Knee never repaired,
Stolen land and broken dreams.

Rolling like a rock that gathers no moss,
I pick up speed until gravity smashes my memories.
Standing, begging,
Wanting unity and a place of their own,
They fight the snake that threatens to poison the land and water.
Should I stay? Should I go?
Am I with them? Am I against them?

The spirals of history
Weave an elusive, illusive vision
Of the different and the odd…

Muslim martyrs
Christian knight skewers
Witch torches
Catholics losing voice against sin
Protestants losing voice against Catholics
Women subjugated as property not people
Writers and thinkers and creators jailed
Jews shot and gassed and infected
Children enslaved to perverted depravity

And somewhere, the Rock of Ages
Both whispers a psalm of peace
And yawps a barbaric war cry.
The Father weeps for all His children–
Those who serve Him and those who refuse.
The Spirit is restless among the nations.

As a daughter of God Most High
Whose Abba King is no respecter of persons,
My people are the people of the world.
Standing on His promises,
I choose love and life and light;
I fight the serpent
Who comes to steal and kill and destroy.

And so…
No matter what others may choose,
I choose to stand with Standing Rock.



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