A Blessed Gift

Author’s Note: My husband is always finding new and creative ways to risk his life to try to encourage my spiritual growth. 😉 Recently, we went to see Joyce Meyer speak. As she introduced her husband Dave, I wrote this to honor my husband on our impending fifth anniversary.

A man who serves the Lord is a precious gift.
A man who raises his arms in worship is a priceless leader.
A man who shouts His Name in praise has a value beyond worth.

His wife can trust his heart.
His wife can follow his lead.
His wife cannot fear submission to him.

Oh, that the saints would lift him up!
Oh, that the youths would follow his lead!
Oh, that the elders would give him their blessing!

Thank you, Father God, for his leadership.
Thank you, Jesus, for his sacrificial service.
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for his comfort and counsel.


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