The World on My Platter

My word is my bond.
I have nothing if I don’t have integrity.
The issues are so complex
I cannot find the right kind of mentor.
I love life,
And I want to shine His Light
To a dark, weary, dreary, blind place.
It’s a solitary solo stance.
I feel exposed and naked.
Shame fights to pull me down
Yet grace buoys me up.
I want to be so real
That the spiritually hungry beg for Living Water.
I want to be so authentic
That my love for others
Blinds them to my sin
And momentary hypocrisies.

I want..Me and Jesus at the Convent.
I want…
I want…

The world to willingly bend the knee to My Master,
Knowing He is the only Perfect One,
Knowing His followers are only perfect in being broken.


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