As I See It

We are asleep at the wheel.
Our women are chained, gagged, and bound.
Our men are drunk on power, possessions, and privilege.

We are blinded by the glitter of fool’s gold.
Tied to silicon circuits, our children can’t connect to flesh and blood.
Our adults can’t connect to our children.

We are deafened by a multitude of choices.
Our working class has no guide and no labor.
Our scholars never fully evaluate consequences with common sense.

We are a broken people.
We are dead inside.
We are poor in our prosperity.

We cannot feel the pain of others.
We cannot move out of our comfort zone.
We cannot share our abundance of things that have no meaning.

We don’t build up.
We don’t reach out.
We don’t see beyond the blind(ness)ers.

Rise up!
Shake off your sleep!
Stand strong!

See the danger in faux connection.
Speak the warning of future bleakness.
Hear the cries of the needy, hungry, empty.

Ask for light.
Seek to love.
Choose to live.


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