Circle of Powwow

Time stands still–
There is no time,
Yet every time melds together.

The hunter stalks the deer;
The priestess prepares the sacrifice;
The leaders accept merciless defeat with courage and grace;
Generation Y snaps, twitters, tweets, and posts.

The drums and flutes weave a melody
In tune with the rhythm of the seasons
And the heart of humans.

Bright colors flicker and fade
Among earthy browns and greens,
A veritable kaleidoscope
Of harmony with nature and the eye.

The minority stands and leads by example,
But the youth…
Where have they gone?
Why do they leave it all to old, grey heads?

Author’s Note: In fairness, I suspect the youth are either at school or at Standing Rock… which I hear has a temporary reprieve until the election cycle is over.


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