The Fire Keeper

The Fire Keeper actually sleeps at the powwow circle. His sole responsibility seems to be to just keep the fire at the heart of the circle going. Hour after hour, he watches. When the flame gets low, he carries wood and stokes the embers. The dancers stop all sound until he finishes. With added logs adjusted well, he returns to his post, the flames hungrily licking the air and dutifully scenting the circle of burnt wood (hickory maybe).

What if all Christians were Flame Keepers? What if we watched the flame of faith in the hearts of our brothers and sisters? What if we stepped in with encouragement and properly delivered correction instead of gossip and malicious thoughts?

And what of those who don’t personally know the faltering Christian–are they the dancers? They stop. They don’t spread gossip in the form of prayer requests. They don’t dampen the flame by expressing opinions that may not matter. They just stop and quietly pray.

Would our faith spread like the flames in the Philistine’s fields after Samson released the foxes with torches tied to their tails? Could we set our world on fire? Could we turn our world upside down?

Author’s Note: This is one of those “please-don’t-beat-me-if-I’m-wrong” pieces…especially since I observed on the next day that the dancers kept dancing and danced around the Fire Keeper.


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