A Letter to the Lord

Author’s Note: This is based on my life (the parts that sent me to powwow) and the contents of Isaiah 46:4 and Psalm 46:10, as well as Abraham’s courage in chatting with the Lord over Sodom and Gomorrah.

Dear Lord,

You promise me that You’ll carry me. You promise me that You’ll sustain me. You will do this even when I’m old and grey. I know you made me. I know You say You’ll carry me, sustain me, and rescue me.

I’m waiting. Where are You? I’m dragging my bones around in pain so bad I could cuss and make a sailor blush. When are You giving me that piggyback ride?

I’m looking at my budget. I don’t see much sustenance there. No jobs for the kids, no raise for my partner, and there’s a good chance my partner will not be earning money in time for the holidays! Where’s my rescue?

*crickets chirping*

I am being quite still. In fact, I can’t do anything right now. I’m boxed in and trapped in a corner.

Yes, You are God. I know You’re God. We all know You’re God.

*crickets chirping*


Rescue from eternal death should have been enough.

Redemption from the enemy snares should have been enough.

Release to ultimate healing in heaven should have been enough.

Your Word should be enough.

Your Will should be enough.

*crickets chirping*

Thanks for your everlasting love and your ears that never sleep.



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