Author’s Note:
I’m sure I’ve misheard the phrase, I’m sure I don’t have the correct way to display it in Latin characters, and I’m sure I will have to correct it. Consider it a hazard of having auditory processing disorder in an event sponsored by a culture based on verbal history and storytelling. 🙂
Joseph FireCrow told a story about a prayer that the Cheyenne people use; according to his story, the Elders approved its public release. This piece contains my reflections on his story and their prayer.

The Cheyenne cry.
The braves pray it,
The women chant it as they wait for the braves,
The mothers sing it as a lullabye,
The elders released it to the world.
“Creator, walk with me.”

That should be our Christian cry.
We should pray it on our rising,
We should chant it on our sleeping,
We should sing it to our children’s hearts.
“Jesus, walk with us.”

We should release His love and mercy
To shine on the darkness of the world;
To free all to choose life, light, and love;
To bring captives out of bondage.



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