Prayer of an Angry Sinner

I’m weary and frustrated. I’m tired of faux connection via electronics.

I’m bruised and battered in my heart: invisible without 50 social media accounts and 3 devices; unheard whether I curse, swear, and speak vulgarly or bless, hedge my bets, and whisper wholesomely; untouched in a deafening silence devoid of real voices.

I’m tired of indifference masquerading as intolerance and freedom of expression if it pleases the masses.

The fiery red consumes me, and I long to push the button, the great button that releases a cleansing atomic cloud.

Saccharin civility can’t sweeten the bland, dour sourness of a PC chorus.

But I must remember:

  • Vengeance isn’t mine to take
  • My anger won’t bring back the righteousness of generations gone by
  • Blowing away the nation won’t cure silicon stagnation
  • Kicking sorry hides won’t destroy evil masks of false facades

You, oh Lord, hold vengeance and justice. You, oh Lord, give pardon and peace. You, oh Lord, restore mercy and grace. You forgive the inexcusable.


Wash my mind in your True Word. Bathe my heart in the cleansing flow from Your Side. Speed my feet back to paths of righteousness. Burn the angry insults from my lips. Cleanse my hands from hidden sins.

I forgive them. You forgive me. We are never even or equal. Your ways are higher; Your thoughts are higher; Your love is perfect.


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