Eyes in the Mirror

I would look in the mirror year upon year.
Even as I aged I never saw me.
I saw his eyes,
And I wanted to cringe and look away.
His eyes: steel-blue and grey,
Crinkled from years of age and sun…
They flashed.
Wanted joy always replaced by anger.
Never girl enough, good enough, smart enough, right enough, perfect enough…
Never enough.

A few years back,
I softened and they changed.
They were my eyes: blue and green,
With just a hint of life.
Yet suddenly they’d become Abba’s eyes.
They’d see not good but worth His Son’s life;
Not smart but full of wisdom, understanding, counsel, and knowledge;
Not right but covered in Christ’s righteousness and full of His mercy;
Not perfect but pressing in toward the prize of Christ’s call on my life.
Abba saw me as I was and as He could make me.

It is enough in Him.


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