Needs and Wants Alone

Author’s Note: A long time ago, in a blog post far, far away, I shared a poem that started with a similar line. After all that time, I’ve further refined what I was feeling.

She cries alone,
But she shouldn’t,
And she doesn’t want to be.

She looks like an ice maiden,
But her heart quivers with love
That she can’t seem to give or receive.

She seems so strong,
But the little girl hides,
And the woman lets her.

She wants to connect,
But time speaks love to her,
And gadgets and apps steal time.

She longs for that friend closer than a sister,
But the scars run too deep,
And no one knows how to break through.

She stands strong,
But her will melts,
And her need shatters her resolve.

She cries alone,
Begging that a prayer whispered on the dark wind
Becomes the beacon to fuel what she wants and needs.


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