DeadLife Standstill, Part 1

Author’s Note: Somewhere, over the last month, in all the chaos, I found that creative spark to continue the saga of my warrior clan matriarch. *snorts with the melodrama* I have limited myself to 10 mini-episodes. *can hear the cheers* I have resolved the question of the green-eyed acolyte.

It had been many moon cycles since the blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch, the brown-eyed spirit healer, and the blue-eyed frame healer had started the fight against the advance of DeadLife Nightmare.

Reports of all the efforts were coming in from everywhere. The matriarch’s living quarters had turned into a real-life equivalent of a town joint on a wheel. Each field or occupation was a spoke on a wheel. The information poured in. Anything reasonable was forwarded out to the appropriate field or occupation, usually a different spoke.

All the spokes were rimmed together by love for everyone and the knowledge that if they didn’t fight DeadLife Nightmare together the politicians behind it would take them out of this world one by one.

Yet the information going out was going out in stacks with conflicting information. She couldn’t tell if that was an untruth attack by the perpetrators of DeadLife Nightmare or if there were so many different alchemical substances being passed off as DeadLife Nightmare that the reports would conflict.

Her daughters, now older, were out more than they were in. The younger was always playing and singing at some of bazaar stalls for a few extra coins. The older was always helping with classes for youngsters at the Temple of Peace.

There was a knock on the door to her living quarters. She opened the door to see a stranger. He was dressed like most warriors, but she could tell that his hair was the wrong color for local warriors and his eyes were a strange mix of brown and green.

“Follow me. The matriarchs are holding a war council. You must attend.”

“Now?” She felt a nameless panic rising as he was unknown to her; she’d accepted her new level of fame, but she struggled with everyone knowing her when she didn’t have reverse personal knowledge.

“Yes, this is an emergency meeting.”

The blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch jotted a few instructions for her daughters, posted them on the wall right inside the door to their living quarters, and closed and locked the door.

She followed the strange warrior with her heart in her throat, hoping no one saw anything to report to her brown-eyed outlander warrior union mate.


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