DeadLife Standstill, Part 3

The blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch noiselessly slipped into her living quarters and locked the door. Her daughters rested silently in their sleeping quarters.

She missed their friend, the green-eyed acolyte. Their quarters were so peaceful without moonrise feedings. The woman-child had blossomed over about six moon cycles into a phenomenal young mother; she had significant potential to be a matriarch in many, many moons.

The green-eyed acolyte, after seeing all that parenting involved, asked the brown-eyed spirit healer to find a small farm that was quiet and away from people. She wanted to live there with her baby, now almost a clover crawler; as the child aged, the woman-child would learn to do small tasks to help and she would train her child to do the same. The sending party was so lively and entertaining that even Chaos God followers enjoyed themselves.

The matriarch’s soul was troubled. Destruction to prevent greater destruction and the advance of an enemy were unheard of. She wished she could see the matriarchs’ scroll before they sent it; she wanted to verify its contents weren’t some play trick of Chaos God followers.

She did know of some farming towns where wildfires were sometimes stopped by burning a thin strip of field to the ground before the wildfire arrived. The idea as she understood it was that fire can’t burn on blackened ground, so you make a small loss to prevent an entire season’s harvest from going up in smoke. And neighbors always helped the farmer who volunteered to create the blackened strip.

Still, the whole town seemed like overkill. All those children with no homes, possibly caught in the flames. The thought was enough to invoke a retching sensation.

The blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch went to her private interior chamber, lit a candle, and focused on the candle’s flickering flame. She breathed deeply, cyclically, rhythmically, and used the War God connection to query the War God about her next steps.

She wordlessly expressed how bizarre the matriarch’s plan was, how she feared for her friends, and how she felt the children needed a chance to escape.

Through the War God connection, she saw a distant lake where she had taught her daughters a mind quieting exercise and where she and her outlander warrior celebrated their union. Her daughters and some of the children laughed and giggled without adults for a few hours. She saw her daughters playing a game and leading them out of town.

As the candle faded, she still felt no comfort at burning the town. But she felt like the War God had heard her pleas and given her a plan as consolation in these dark days. She curled in a corner of the interior chamber; she wouldn’t rest even if she slept.


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