DeadLife Standstill, Part 6

As she returned at the very end of moon rise, the blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch wept with delight when she saw the scroll hanging on her door. The sealing wax pattern showed the scroll to be from her brown-eyed outlander warrior and not the matriarchs. He’d probably sent the scroll with a local merchant.

She slipped the scroll off the hook and opened the door. She could read that letter anywhere in the silent living quarters, but she sank onto the divan where they’d had their last union. She broke the seal with joyful anticipation.


The borders are so wild. We’re seeing more of that DeadNight Lifemare stuff you’ve been writing about. It’s just awful. I worry for you and the girls.

Sometimes the people fed that mess get really weird, almost like they have a War God connection, but it’s not orderly and logical like yours. They mutter gibberish, horrific gibberish, opposite stuff of what you get with your War God connection.

I have no words for the last few nights. Some of the victims talk about our town like they’ve been there when they haven’t. And the things they want to do… I’m not usually uptight, but the things sound so disgusting and perverted and wretched.

Your letters lately have been so terse. You okay? Is something up with that War God of yours? Ever since you started that movement or campaign or whatever, it’s like you’re not with us anymore and I won’t find you when I come home. I know it’s not true, but in the lonely nights I can’t fight the feelings.

It is what it is. I can’t change it. I know you’ll do whatever He asks. There are days I wish I added Him to my deity collection, but then there are days when you share what you’ve done and I’m content to wait for a bit. Just be sure to let me know where to find you when all this is over.

I’m almost glad I’m not there. I picked you because you’re wild and free and loving, but those very same characteristics scare me so… and get me heckled by the merchants.

I can’t wait until we meet again. I want to scoop you into my arms and tame the wild child. I’ll start with your neck, and see what happens.

You’re always in my heart (and trousers),

Your warrior

She giggled as her fingers traced every word on every line. She needed that hug and more, but she took comfort in knowing he knew her, he loved her, and he was doing what he loved. She prayed silently to the War God to watch her brown-eyed lover; surely something could be arranged since he was a warrior even if he didn’t directly serve Him. Then she began to open her War God connection to review the disturbing pieces of information. She suspected the unseen realms were involved based on the way the matriarchs had chided her for forgetting the unseen realms in her dealings with the acolyte. She sickened at the thought of losing the place she found happiness and peace. Getting only silent love from the War God, she rested. She needed to be ready whenever the scroll arrived.


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