The “Adult Topics” Tag: An Explanation

I’m a writer. I love ideas. I want to share ideas. Maybe on some level I even want to learn to defend some of my ideas. So I did what every (wanna-be) writer does–started a blog. A small blog, nothing ambitious, organically growing without pushing by SEO. Early on, I didn’t even allow crawlers and bots to peek in (that’s changed). I decided a general audience rating because I don’t believe that ideas are harmful.

However, I’m a mom. I want my kids to not be embarrassed or ashamed if their friends find me and figure out it’s me. I want other parents to see my posts and maybe get other ideas (trust me, the cement wall and head banging were frustrating as I acquired double-digit midgets).

The tension I felt was the need to share ideas that might be edgier than some might like. Again, ideas aren’t harmful. It’s what we do with them that’s harmful. But to me, even more harmful, is the idea that we just can’t talk about something or explore how to handle it. The Good Lord had it right; people die for lack of knowledge. We can’t learn and grow if we can’t talk or explore ideas.

Enter my “Adult Topics” tag. It was my way of signalling to my kids they weren’t ready for that idea and I wasn’t ready with a good explanation as a parent. I might have been wrong, but they know they enter at their own risk. It wasn’t really ever about pornography or erotica–it always was about the darkness of the human heart. Things like rape, abuse, slavery are hard, even for adults. The ideas would be talked about at a higher level than they were ready for.

Hope this makes our muddy lives a little more clear.


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