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An Introduction, or Why am I here?

It’s been a wild ride! I’m a 40-something professional on her second marriage with three special needs angels. I’m expanding my hobbies into theology and cooking, particular kosher for the non-kosher.

Some would look at my life and say I’ve failed to live to my potential. I would argue that I’ve been blessed. My mistakes have become learning opportunities. While I’ve not climbed academic or professional ladders, my skills and experience have given me a unique vantage from which to view life and maybe sow a word of encouragement or wisdom at a time and place least expected.

So why am I really doing a blog? I’m a writer. Words are an addictive elixir–luxurious, seductive, the sweet song of a siren. So here, more so than on Facebook, I want to explore ideas and observations from a different perspective, perhaps one that might make some uncomfortable and yet make others feel like they can identify with a truth ringing in their heart, mind, and life at that moment in time.

Who knows? I may even share some recipes and pics and internal dialogue of various events. I’m just strapping into my raft for the white water rapids of life.

A fair warning — I am not politically correct. My views are not necessarily the views of any political or social group with which I temporarily hang my hat. If you don’t like a little cognitive dissonance and interior discomfort, don’t stay. And I write that truth with all the agape love I can muster…