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For My Husband…

Author’s Note: This is based on the song, “Bless the Broken Road,” performed by both Selah and Rascal Flatts. I’m including a link to the Selah version here.

“Bless the Broken Road” in surround sound–
And I believe every word,
Yet the pain in the journey
Sears my heart and floods my eyes.
It wasn’t the North Star
Leading me to your arms.
It was the man
Your broken road shaped in you,
Blessed by Jesus.
But my road still isn’t straight,
And I can’t find the joy and strength
To bless my broken road.
Hold me close and don’t let me go
Until joy in the journey dries my eyes.
Bless me with your love.
Hold me in your arms and on my feet.

Love me
Until I can love you
The way you deserve.



Mission Impossible: The Blessing War

One-two-three-four, I declare a blessing war!

Five-six-seven-eight, let’s prove Jesus truly great!

This is the impossible mission of every Christian, to reflect the glory of the risen Christ and to continue to write the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the life of the Church as documented by Luke in the book of Acts.


This message will not self-destruct. The sun and moon will pass away, but God’s Word remains forever intact, unchanging, and true.


To participate in this war, the challenge is simple: find the most annoying Christian you know, and begin to bless them.

  • Babysit the kids of a stressed parent
  • Buy a cute outfit for the single parent (or the child of a single parent)
  • Buy staples for the large family that looks more like a chaotic circus in number and lifestyle
  • Clean the house for someone who’s been sick
  • Give him or her a ride to work when the car breaks down
  • Give time to the charity they most support
  • Invite someone with no other family to a holiday meal
  • Make dinner for your pastor’s family
  • Offer to mow the yard
  • Offer to take him or her out for coffee
  • Pray a blessing over that Christian in the privacy of your home (the Aaronic is particularly generous)
  • Serve coffee to a recovery group
  • Take the nursery for a day
  • Take a newly beamed up stepparent out for a quiet day doing some refreshing activity
  • Visit that crotchety great uncle twice removed in a nursing home
  • Volunteer to chaperone the next teen road trip
  • Walk away silently and say nothing out loud about your frustration because you too probably have an area that annoys other Christians


Seriously, in the war to win souls to Christ, it’s all about perception. Do you love others the way Jesus did? If outsiders (those who don’t serve Christ) can’t see your love and your unity, they don’t see Christ and will not choose to serve Him. And that could have destructive consequences for an eternity.


PS — If you don’t like this post, you can thank my senior pastor for another wonderful sermon on applying the Bible to modern life. Any resemblance to persons living or dead may or may not be intentional.